What Is A Lycan Shepherd

What is a Lycan Shepherd? The short version is that a Lycan Shepherd is someone who helps you to take care of your Lycan problem. They do this by tracking your Lycans, wandering the wilderness killing other Lycans, and doing some general survivalist jobs.

A Lycan Shepherd Is a Person Who Serves as A Guide To Werewolves Who Are New To Being A Werewolf.

A Lycan Shepherd is a person who serves as a guide to werewolves who are new to being a werewolf. The role of the Lycan Shepherd is to help their charges adjust to the changes that come with being a werewolf. They act as both friend and mentor, helping their charges learn about their new powers and how best to use them.

The term “Lycan Shepherd” was coined by the Ancients during the time of The War Between The Races, when they were still known as “Wolves.” It refers to the fact that these individuals provide guidance for those who have been bitten by wolves and have become infected with lycanthropy; they provide a sort of “shepherding” service until such time as they are ready to take care of themselves.

A Lycan Shepherd does not have any special powers, but they do have some knowledge about the supernatural world and about how being a Lycan can affect your life. The main role of a Lycan Shepherd is to provide guidance and support for those who need it.

There are no official qualifications or training requirements to become a Lycan Shepherd, but they must have good communication skills, empathy and patience. They also need to be able to listen carefully when talking with others and be able to understand how they feel about what is happening in their lives.

These Days, The Term Lycan Shepherd Has Come To Include Not Just People Who Help New Werewolves But Also People Who Help Humans

The Lycan Shepherd is a person who helps new werewolves adjust to their new life. These days, the term Lycan Shepherd has come to include not just people who help new werewolves but also people who help humans who have had a run-in with werewolves.

The first Lycan Shepherds were created by the American Werewolf Association (AWA). The AWA was founded in 1972 by Dr. Hans Hagen, a German immigrant and former Nazi scientist who fled Germany after World War II ended. The AWA was created in order to help other Nazi scientists escape prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity by providing them with new identities and homes in America.

Dr. Hagen created a network of safe houses across the United States where he could house his fellow Nazis until they were ready to start new lives in America. He also provided them with money, legal support and jobs so that they could make enough money to survive on their own without having to resort to crime or prostitution (the two most common ways for Nazis to make money after the war).

They Can Also Control Fire, Wind, Water and Earth As Well As Manipulate It.

Lycan Shepherds are a subspecies of werewolves. They are shepherds to their packs and are in charge of leading and protecting their pack. They can also control fire, wind, water and earth as well as manipulate it.

They are very strong, fast, agile and intelligent. They have high pain tolerance, but they can be killed by silver bullets or other types of silver that affects their bodies like pure silver bullets or silver tipped arrows.

Lycan Shepherds can also turn into wolves whenever they want to. The wolf form looks exactly like the human form except for some differences in appearance such as larger ears on the wolf form compared to the human form’s ears and longer claws on the wolf form compared to the human form’s nails.

They have great senses of hearing and smell which helps them track down prey such as humans or other animals that they hunt for food or just for fun (because they enjoy killing).

They Are Like Shepherds, Guiding the Lost And Injured Back Into The Fold.

Lycan Shepherds are the protectors of the Lycan Kind. They have a keen sense of smell and can detect the scent of humans, vampires, and other werewolves. Their hearing is also very acute and they can hear things that would go unnoticed by other species.

They are like shepherds, guiding the lost and injured back into the fold. If they find anyone who has been bitten by a werewolf, they will take them to be cured by their Council. If they find a human or vampire who has been bitten, they will dispatch them as quickly as possible.

Lycan Shepherds are not allowed to mate with other shepherds or members of their pack unless they want to become a member as well. If they do mate with another shepherd or member of their pack, then it must be approved by both parties involved or their Alpha/Omega first before it happens.

Lycan Shepherds Fill Numerous Roles: Teacher, Mentor, Social Worker, And Friend.

Lycan Shepherds fill numerous roles: teacher, mentor, social worker, and friend. They are trained to provide the best care possible for the dogs they work with. The ability to understand a dog’s body language and behavior is vital to their work.

Lycan Shepherds are not only responsible for training the dogs they work with but also for training other handlers and handlers-in-training in how to properly handle dogs. They must know how to interpret canine body language and react appropriately when working with any dog of any breed or age. A Lycan Shepherd must have a strong knowledge of canine communication methods such as body language, vocalizations and scent marking behaviors.

Lycan Shepherds are taught how to interpret these behaviors so that they can understand what their charges need from them at any given moment. They are also taught how to read human behavior so that they can better understand how people communicate with each other as well as their canines’ companions.

Training for this position includes learning about dog psychology, nutrition, medical needs (including emergencies), behavioral issues and veterinary procedures.


Lycan Shepherds fill a many-faceted role in the world of Fae and tend to be the leaders and protectors in their communities. Their abilities lend themselves especially well to their teaching “roles”, but they can also stand as powerful protectors if necessary.

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