Where to Go Bikepacking Outside New York City

Bikepacking has become more and more popular as travelers look for healthy ways to go sight seeing in the great outdoors. It can be a challenge to get all your gear packed while riding, but for experienced overlanders it represents an opportunity to cover more ground than you could on foot while enjoying more contact with nature than you would overlanding in a Jeep or SUV. That makes it an ideal option for people who live in the city and rely on a bike for daily transportation. Here are a few nearby choices that could make for an easy weekend getaway or even a longer destination vacation near the area. Some of them are well-known to off-road riders as day trip trails, others are well-kept secrets that require an overnight commitment.

McDade Recreational Trail

Located in the Delware Valley, this trail network gives you 20-25 miles of wilderness to explore and runs alongside the river, giving you a view of the water in many if not most locations along its length. With camping located near the trail in Milford, PA, it’s easy to find a spot to rest and break the journey up before spending the next day on the return leg. This short but sweet trip is even doable on a multi-speed city bike with the right accessories and tires.

The Adirondack Trail

There’s an annual ride event with a timed finish if you’re looking for a day trip and planning on getting a hotel room, but you can also plan to ride this course on your own any time you like by recreating the race route and seeking out camping options along the way. A quick look at the map gives you enough of a view into the terrain to find rustic camping options along the way, and this area is known for its beautiful wilderness, providing any bikepacker with plenty to see. Remember to choose a lightweight bike that is strong enough to hold all your camping gear when fully loaded so you have what you need for an extended trail ride with a view of the mountains.

Gateway National Recreation Area

Did you know you can go bikepacking in Brooklyn? The Gateway National Recreation Area makes it easy to ride down to the beach from your campsite, and you can ride out to it from practically anyplace in NYC in a single day. The average trip for a rider from Queens is between 14 and 16 miles, with an additional seven or eight miles of riding to go from the camp site to the public beach nearby. That makes it perfect for a long summer weekend on a budget, because it gives you an outdoor getaway that doesn’t require you to get a train ticket out of the city.

Find the Right Bikepacking Rider

If you’re new to long-distance riding, you might want to check out hybrid bikes and electric bikes. The assistance as you pedal helps even out your speed and makes it easier to hit your distance goals, so you can slowly train up to the level of strength and endurance you need to tackle longer rides. If you’re curious, check out the hybrid bicycles for sale for long-distance riders and see what fits your style

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