5 Ways to Talk Money with Your Partner

02/15/10 | The Women's Conference | 3 Comments

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If you're having trouble discussing finances with your partner, you're not alone. Money is a loaded topic -- even for couples. But without proper communication, you expose yourself to financial risks, as well as to marital problems. Financial stress is the leading cause of divorce.

So how can you become more informed about the finances you and your partner share?

  1. Don’t just sign, but actually review the tax return you and your partner file.
  2. If you're having trouble broaching the topic, consider asking your partner questions like -- "Can we retire when our time comes, or will we need to continue working until all loans and credit cards are paid off?" This may serve as an entrée into the money discussion.
  3. Set aside time each month to go over your joint finances.
  4. If you haven't yet married your partner, learn what you should discuss before tieing the knot.
  5. Need more advice? Watch this video to get some pointers on how to discuss finances with your spouse.

For more context on couples and finances read Marion Sandler's post on What You Should Know About Your Family Finances.

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  • I agree with silntrunin... It is really hard to make discussions about finances... But, there are lots of ways on how to do it. One way is to make your spouse feel that you would want to discuss it because you would want to have a very clear insight about you financial stability.

    Posted by karl011, 23 March 2010.

  • 6. Dont forget to beautify yourself... It is a fact that when you make yourself looks like a princess or prince, you partner will do as well...

    Posted by karl011, 23 March 2010.

  • Dicussing finances with your spouse is hard especially when you both have different ideas on how and what to spend money on.

    Posted by silntrunin, 24 February 2010.