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09/23/10 | The Women's Conference | 0 Comments

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver

In honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, September 25th, Maria Shriver is inviting members of The Women’s Conference to follow in the footsteps of her mother by finding small ways in their everyday lives to help others.

Two women – the owners of Cape Cod’s Centerville Pie Company, Oprah, Cape Abilities and Harry & David have teamed up to make honoring Eunice’s memory – and her mission to help people with disabilities – easier for all of us. Together they are helping bring employment, housing and other services to people with disabilities.

A year ago, when Oprah and Gayle King attended Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s funeral on Cape Cod, Laurie and Kristin, the founders of Centerville Pie Company, delivered a chicken pie to Oprah’s hotel room. Despite the heavy security, their pie got through (thanks to Gayle King), and the rest is history.

Oprah calls this pie, “The best I’ve ever tasted!” And even better is the fact that every pie purchased supports people with disabilities. The pie company employs 30 people with disabilities, and a percentage of every pie bought through Harry & David will go to Cape Abilities, a nonprofit that supports and helps employ people with disabilities.

This fall, we can honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s memory and help support the developmentally disabled. It’s as easy as pie.

To order a pie, visit Harry & David | Centerville Chicken Pie or order toll-free: 1-877-322-1200.

To learn more about the amazing life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, visit the Special Olympics website.

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