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Jacy Good

The Womens Conference

How She Empowers Others

Jacy was raised very much in the activist spirit. She grew up learning that she if she didn't choose to be part of the solution, she was only part of the problem. This attitude followed her when she went to Muhlenberg College. Jacy very quickly became the president of the Environmental Action Team, and gained the reputation that she was going to save the world.

Jacy graduated with magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors in both her International Studies major and her German Studies major on May 18, 2008. She left college with her parents that day for the last time ready to take on the world and start her AmeriCorps position with Habitat for Humanity. But on that short drive home, everything changed.

Jacy and her parents approached a green light on a relatively busy one lane highway and as they did so, an eighteen year old young man talking on his cell phone approached a red light on an intersecting road. Unfortunately this young man was paying more attention to his phone conversation than the road in front of him and failed to notice the red light. As he entered the intersection, a tractor trailer swerved to miss him and took on the Good family car full force.

When the first paramedic arrived, neither Jay nor Jean, Jacy's parents, was alive. Jacy wasn't breathing. After making it to the hospital and being given about a ten percent chance of surviving the night, Jacy slowly but surely recovered from her laundry list of shattered this, collapsed that injuries.

Four months later Jacy was released from the hospital and was horrified to find that the accident had happened because of a cell phone, but there had been no criminal charges because talking on a cell phone while driving is perfectly legal in the state of Pennsylvania. She also found that there were many others like her out there, and that countless scientific studies had been done reporting how dangerous the practice was.

It was not long before Jacy was in Harrisburg pushing to get a law passed. The last two years of her life have been devoted to therapies trying to make her body function normally again, and spending every spare second telling her story trying to educate about the dangers and pass laws to make it illegal.

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