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Jewels Elmore

The Womens Conference

How She Empowers Others

Jewels had an early appreciation for food, cooking and eating it. Growing up in a Mexican/American family, she was strongly influenced by her grandmother and mother actively whipping up wonderful recipes in the kitchen. Her taste buds were developed at an early age and the first dish she cooked was ‘Turkey and Mushroom Crepes with Bechamel Sauce’ around the age of 10.

There was a turning point for Jewels as a young girl when she connected that cooking from the heart and providing food for those around you created a wonderful response from people. She loved the gathering of family and friends over a meal and would get excited to help create something for them to enjoy. Like her sister, Jill, she started working for a catering company on the side throughout high school. She has been a hostess and a waitress as well. She admits however, she wasn’t a good waitress because her interest was in helping her customers have a great food and dining experience vs. flipping tables as advised.

At first, Jewels found herself intimidated by the craft that her grandmother and mother thrived in, but eventually she was able to identify cooking as a passion. Her personality of being a visual creator and her love for the hands on approach really shaped how she views cooking as an artistic process. Her curiosity has always peaked with learning and cooking from recipes of different cultures around the world. In her early 20s, Jewels began a part time job at a fast paced home of a large family. This introduction of working as a private chef really resonated with her. Jewels loved the freedom to create meals that suited the family vs. working off an established menu. She went on to work for other high profile families and is currently working with her sister, side by side in the home of Jennifer Aniston. They believe that connecting with the people they cook for produces the most extraordinary meals and experiences around the table.

In May 2009, the sisters released their debut cookbook, The Family Chef, filled with wonderful recipes and the belief that cooking from your heart can be one of the most loving forms of expression. It can keep families together and make families out of friends.

Jewels and Jill currently live in Santa Monica, CA with their husbands and young sons.