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Jill Elmore

The Womens Conference

How She Empowers Others

As a little girl, Jill always loved being in the kitchen. Her grandparents lived with the family and the kitchen was often a place that the women would come together. Watching her mother and grandmother create recipes, bake, and share stories of life in the kitchen is what inspired Jill to begin experimenting as well. Around the age of 9, Jill was already making her own dinners for the family; one of the first being, ‘Breaded Chicken with Cornflake Crumbs’. She understood the love for the family surrounding, and seeing how that transferred through the food that was created.

Although Jill was still experimenting with dinner recipes, she also found another passion through baking. In her early teen years, she jumped right into being a waitress and working for a catering company on the side. Throughout high school, you could find Jill helping her mother in the kitchen at the local church events. Continuing to work within the kitchen and catering at various food environments gained Jill a lot of experience, which helped land her first job as a private chef.

In her early 20s, Jill began working part time for the Travolta family. Being with them for four years helped her branch off onto the next opportunity. Jill began working full time for another high profile family and continued working in their home for ten years. As an adult, Jill says that some of the best things about cooking are when you get to do it with your friends and family. Jill and her sister Jewels currently work side by side in the home of Jennifer Aniston. They believe that connecting with the people they cook for produces the most extraordinary meals and experiences around the table.

In May 2009, the sisters released their debut cookbook, The Family Chef, filled with wonderful recipes and the belief that cooking from your heart can be one of the most loving forms of expression. It can keep families together and make families out of friends.

Jill and Jewels currently live in Santa Monica, CA with their husbands and young sons.