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We HonorWEAVE: Sandra Orozco Stapleton

WEAVE: Sandra Orozco Stapleton

Why WE Honor Her 

As victims of domestic violence who were tired of living in fear and with little support, Sandra Orozco Stapleton, Ramona Delgado and Jennie Hernandez Gin founded WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment). WEAVE is the first and only organization in the Sacramento region to provide emergency shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Stapleton, Delgado and Gin also challenge the Sacramento community and government to become aware of domestic violence as a social and legal issue. They open their homes to victims and serve as advocates on behalf of the victims with law enforcement and social service agencies. WEAVE helps over 6,000 victims every year through their nationally recognized domestic violence and sexual assault agency.


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