4 Items You Should Always Have Professionally Dry Cleaned

Have you ever had a beautiful garment that you loved wearing so much and then, destroyed one day through improper care? You know what we mean, such as accidentally shrinking an expensive mohair sweater in the washing machine and dryer or using a stain remover that degraded the fibers of a favorite blazer, and so on. To avoid these common mistakes and to protect your wardrobe, we asked our fabric experts for some tips on the items you should always have professionally dry cleaned.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Clothing

Dry cleaning has a number of advantages for any individual’s wardrobe. For one thing, dry cleaning preserves the unique qualities of your favorite garments. The process helps your items maintain their colors better than typical washing.

Dry cleaning also allows your favorite clothing to avoid shrinking and stretching and to remain fresh and clean.

Bringing your clothing to the dry cleaner is also convenient, saves you time, and these pros pay attention to details such as textures, stains, odors, etc.

These days, advances in dry cleaning have led to greener products and techniques that are less abrasive on your clothing than traditional at-home washing and drying.

Whatever you do, make sure that these four items head to the dry cleaner for professional results:

1. 100 Percent Silk

There’s no denying that silk fabrics are stunning and give off a special sheen.

What many people don’t realize is that pure silk is a delicate fabric that deserves tender loving care. Some silks can be hand-washed, but our experts recommend professional dry cleaning to maintain their color, luster and fabric integrity.

Why take a chance on shrinking, bleeding or distorting a precious silk garment by washing it yourself?

2. Leather

Like silk, leather’s another luxe fabric that deserves the care of an expert, and although silk and leather feel and appear very different in weight and texture, they both require professional dry cleaning to look their best.

You want to avoid cracking or shrinking your favorite leather items and still remove any stubborn stains or spots. Your best route is to drop it off at the dry cleaners, where they will use specialized techniques to clean the leather (and suede) properly and preserve its amazing fabric and form.

3. Suits

A suit features a precise fit and shape, and to keep it looking that way for a long time, professional dry cleaning is the best method to maintain its crispness and fabric integrity.

Some people try to hand wash a lined suit, for example, and end up shrinking the suit and exposing the lining underneath. Heat and water can change the suit’s structure.

Dry cleaning has the ability to remove stains containing grease and oil without ruining the fabric or using a wet cleaning process.

4. Embellished Garments

When you have clothing with lots of detail going on, then don’t chance it to a hand or machine wash.

Pretty embellishments like beads, sequins and other lovely accents can make an outfit, but if you lose a few sequins through improper care, your garment will be ruined.

Take embellished clothing to a professional dry cleaner to keep every sparkle intact. These pros know how to clean all kinds of clothing details.

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