5 Must-Have Facilities for a Conference Venue

If you are tasked with planning a business conference, there is much to consider. The venue should be in the right location to suit all of the participants, plus it needs to have certain facilities and amenities in order to provide you with everything you need, and with that in mind, here are a few essential services that you will require when planning a business conference.

  1. Conference Rooms – Once you know the number of people attending, you can search for a venue that can comfortably accommodate such a number, and the venue will need to supply all the high-tech gadgets such as projector & screen, sound system and other essentials. You would be able to liaise with their in-house event manager, who will make sure that the seating arrangements are suitable for your program, plus all the resources you would need are on hand.
  2. Overnight Accommodation – Of course, all of the participants would like to be able to book a room at the conference centre, which eliminates the need for time-consuming travel, and if Myanmar is not too far away, there is a 5-star hotel in Yangon that is perfect for such an event. They have all the facilities that one would need to host an international business seminar or conference, and the hotel is set in spectacular grounds.
  3. Parking – Of course, there must be adequate parking spaces, and if you are using a well-known hotel then parking will not be an issue, as they would have the space to accommodate many vehicles, especially if the participants are registered guests at the hotel in question. While many participants would be flying in for the conference, some will drive, therefore parking is essential.
  4. Internet Connection – It is vital that all participants have unlimited access to the Internet, as they would in a 5-star hotel, as business people need to be connected at all times. Hotel guests would have free use of the facility’s Wi-Fi and there would also be a fax service, should people need to use this. You might, for example, require video conferencing facilities, in the event that some important people are unable to attend and they can address the participants while their live video feed is projected onto a large screen in the conference room.
  5. Choice of Top-Class Restaurants – When you have a few hundred people attending a business conference, there needs to a varied choice of eateries nearby, and using a top hotel would ensure that there are more than enough top-quality restaurants to cater for your group. Whether Chinese, Thai or even Myanmar cuisine, you should have a choice of restaurants available to all participants.

While there are many hotels and resorts that can accommodate a business seminar, you do need to check that they do, in fact, have everything you need, and with in-house event planners at your disposal, arranging everything couldn’t be easier.

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