5 Tips For College Students To Excel In Online Classes

If you’ve found yourself struggling or caught off guard a little by the recent changes in education caused by the CoronaVirus, you’re not alone. Many students worldwide have found this transition from in-person education to online learning to be difficult. There are a variety of reasons as to why this is more complicated in general but more so for a percentage of individuals, but today we’ll talk in general as to how you can find more success in online classes.

1.      Be present.

Many classes are no longer taking roll because the students are no longer required to show up. If you’ve found recently that you don’t have the motivation to call into your classes, start now to be present mentally and physically (over video). You should have the same attitude as you did when you were required to show up in person. It’s easy to be distracted looking up things like best dpi for fps games, but it’s important to to stay focused. Also, if you’re operating over video conferences or similar conference applications, make sure to have your camera on. This will help you stay more attentive and focused, knowing that your fellow classmates can see you.

2.      Get ready in the morning.

Much of the population, especially the younger generation that’s currently studying, have ceased their morning routine. Because getting ready for the day and getting ready to go out are no longer required, it’s easy to sleep until your class starts and put a hat on right before you’re required to join the video conference. Instead you should get ready for the day like you would any other and eat a good breakfast. This will help you wake up and function better by the time you’re required to learn.

3.      Get in a good sleep schedule.

This doesn’t only mean getting 8+ hours of sleep a night, but also that you should be going to bed before midnight. The best schedule, depending on responsibilities and obligations is either 10pm-6am or 9pm-5am. When these schedules are held regularly your body clock will know when it’s time to sleep, and when it’s time to perform. Not only will you see improvements in your schooling, but you’ll also find that you sleep better.

4.      Find a consistent place to study.

This should not be in bed or any place where you’re laying prone. You should be in an upright position with something in front of you that you can write on. This can be either a desk, table, counter, or anything that fulfills that requirement. However, you should try to make it constant. Classes and learning should take place in the same position and surroundings. It will also be easier to focus if that space is clean. Following these tips can greatly increase productivity.

5.      Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Regardless of if it’s your teacher, tutor, family, or friends, this experience is a learning curve for everyone. Our culture has become “if you can’t figure it out you are somehow not as qualified as others. We need a change in our culture for the mutual benefit of all. If something’s not making sense for you, find someone who’s willing to help you. You’re not required to do this on your own. These people want you to succeed as well.

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