6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Redo Your Local Park this Summer

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Redo Your Local Park this Summer

If you love your local park but know that it could use some work, then you need to care for it. Take time this summer to fix it up. Below are six budget-friendly ideas to make the park better.

1. Clean Up The Park As Well As You Can

Cleaning is one thing that will make a difference, and that you can do anywhere, no matter what kind of budget you have. If you don’t have much money to care for the park, then take a team out there to clean up the trash. Wash down the playground equipment and benches, and make sure that the grass is neatly mowed.

2. Use Some Paint To Fix It Up

If you have a bit of money to spend on upgrading the park, then you can get some paint. Put a fresh layer on the gazebo or picnic tables. Paint the playground if it has become old and faded. You might be shocked by how much better the park looks after you paint.

3. Add Some Flowers Here And There

Flowers aren’t too expensive, and you can buy a few flowers to plant throughout the park to bring it to life. Just make sure that you care for them after they have been planted so that they will continue to grow. The flowers will brighten up the park and make it more attractive.

4. Bring A Few Pieces Of Furniture To The Park

If the park doesn’t have much at it and you think it would benefit from having some places to sit or eat, then consider furniture. If you have enough room in the budget to buy a few pieces of outdoor furniture, then you can pick out those that will look nice there. Buy pieces you know people will use often as they start visiting the park more frequently.

5. Add Fresh Mulch Or Rocks

If you can afford to get some mulch or rocks to put around the park, then do that. Put them in the flower gardens or by the playground equipment. The mulch will make the park look fresh, and rocks can help define spaces and keep weeds away, as well. Find what you can for a good price and put it where it needs to go.

6. Ask For Donations To The Park

When you worry that you can’t do enough for the park by yourself, you can ask for help with it. Get friends to volunteer with you to clean up and fix it up the best you can. Ask for donations from area businesses. See if you can get the mulch you need for free or if there is anything else people would like to donate to make the park look nicer.

Use any or all of these ideas to make your park better. Work hard on fixing it up so that you can feel proud of it. If you love the park already, then you are going to be pleased with it once the budget-friendly updates are made.

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