6 Reasons to Have Tree Stumps Removed From Your Yard

6 Reasons to Have Tree Stumps Removed From Your Yard

Although trees are valuable, you can be forced to cut them because of one reason or another. If you recently cut trees on your property, you’re probably wondering whether to leave their stumps or remove them. Removal is the best thing to do, given the adverse effects associated with tree trumps. Below are six reasons to have tree stumps removed from your yard.

1. They Diminish Curb Appeal

Tree stumps are, without a doubt, unaesthetic. When you leave stumps all over your lawn, they will diminish your home’s appearance and make it less appealing. This can significantly reduce your property’s value if you’re planning to sell. Therefore, you need to work with professional tree service providers to get rid of all stumps after cutting trees to make your home look incredible.

2. They Are Safety Hazards

In addition to reducing curb appeal, tree stumps pose safety hazards to you and your loved ones. Stumps, especially smaller ones that are difficult to see, can make people trip and fall. Even worse, you can bump into stumps with your vehicle and cause damage. Eliminating stumps from your yard can help remove these hazards and keep everybody in your home safe.

3. They Can Regrow

While a tree stump may appear dead, it’s not! When supplied with adequate water, stumps can regrow. What makes the regrowing unadmirable is the fact that many sprouts will grow from the stump, making your home appear unkempt. Underground, the roots of the stump can grow and interfere with your property’s sewer line, foundation, and more. Removing the stump prevents regrowing which is extremely beneficial to your home’s yard.

4. They Occupy Space

Clearing trees from your yard helps create space. Nevertheless, you won’t have much space if you leave their stumps intact. Removing the stumps is critical to creating more room. With the stumps removed, you’ll have enough space to do whatever you want in the yard, from creating a small farm to constructing an additional structure.

5. They Attract Pests

Stumps, especially decaying ones, are notorious for attracting pests. Termites and carpenter ants can infest and feed on stumps left in your yard. The stumps can also attract other pesky pests, including beetles and rodents. Besides damaging different parts of your property, some pests can spread illnesses in your home. Ensuring all stumps are removed from your yard can help prevent pest infestation.

6. They Interfere with Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a lawn full of tree stumps is a nightmare. Stumps can destroy lawnmowers and other equipment used to maintain lawns. This complexity can make maintaining your yard more expensive should you hire professionals to assist. Having a stump-free yard is essential for easy lawn maintenance.

Leaving stumps in your yard has many adverse effects, as discussed above. On the other hand, removing the stumps comes with various benefits, such as creating more yard space, improving a property’s curb appeal, and easing lawn maintenance. Therefore, don’t forget to remove stumps from your yard the next time you cut trees. Maintaining lawn in good condition is very important.

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