How to Grow Marijuana as Fast as Possible

Are you tired of forking over your hard-earned cash to a bit of bud? Growing your own marijuana can be extremely convenient. You might live in a neighborhood where marijuana is hard to come by. Or maybe you’re about to move, and you need to grow these plants fast. For most of you, you probably hate waiting for months to see results and want things to move faster. 

Outdoors vs. Indoors 

Indoor growth is almost always faster than growing outdoors because you can control the lighting and all aspects of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, and pest control. We recommend grow tents as the easiest way to dictate the harvest of your cannabis plants. 


In general, autoflowering seeds bloom much faster than the photoperiod strains due to their genetics. The autoflower plants have ruderalis genetics that are derived from cold environments where they have to produce flowers and seeds much faster for their species to survive. 

Leave Lights on 24/7 

Although this is a highly controversial topic, for cannabis, you can technically leave your lights on for 24/7, and your plants will still grow successfully. They will actually grow faster, get bushier and stay shorter due to the continuous lighting on them. You just need to be careful of any deficiencies. If you notice any common symptoms, then reduce the hours and wattage of lighting that your plants get. Leaving the lights on can cut your veg time by about a third with this forced bloom method. 

Switch to Hydro 

Hydroponics is a growing system that delivers the nutrients directly inside of the plant’s roots. Other methods, such as soil, require you to mix the nutrients in water. Hydro can cut the veg time by weeks and potentially produce more dense buds and bigger yields. 

Feed The Nutrients Well 

For most beginners, they tend to make common mistakes such as overfeeding, underfeeding, or feeding at the wrong time, which can cause the plant to get sick and delay your growing time. Ideally, you should follow the instructions exactly as laid out. For cannabis plants, they need more nitrogen during vegging and more potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage. You also always want to consider if your plant is nutrient-sensitive. 

Proper Seed Selection 

Choosing the appropriate seed for harvesting is essential for fast growth. A strain that takes seven weeks to mature will grow a lot faster than ones that take 12 weeks. Depending on your skill level and supplies and preference in taste, there is usually a strain available for every person’s needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Just remember that if you’re trying to force your plant to grow faster, you could be sacrificing the potency and yield of your plant in the process. It’s ideal to choose a cannabis seed that is made to harvest quickly. Most of the speed has to do with proper nutrients, lighting, and genetics of your plant. With that being said, following these tips will ensure you minimize common mistakes that derail your harvesting time. 

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