Life Changing Books at The BookFest

We’re gearing up to kick off our fourth event, The BookFest Fall 2021. We have speakers, panels, live chats, and other segments to make up this bookish adventure. You can sign up here to receive updates and check out our exciting lineup. We hope you, your friends, and family will enjoy our event when it begins on October 23rd.

Until Then, Check Out This List Of Life Changing Books That Will Appear At The BookFest Fall 2021:

A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness by Steven Joseph

Steven Joseph says we are all cranky at times, and it has a 100% infection rate. We become CrankaTsurises, and before we know it, we’re in the middle of a CrankaTsuris food fight, having poured it over our families. Therefore it’s crucial to find effective ways to be cranky, so that we can support each other during our cranky times, and not hurt those we love. Steven shows ways of how to create space for one’s crankiness, having a team approach to crankiness, taking steps to avoid it, improving communication with family and friends, handling other cranky dinosaurs, and diagnosing and treating the “Common CrankaTsuris.” All while using good humor throughout.

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How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength by Raye Mitchell

Part of the How Women Master series, Raye Mitchell addresses the unmet needs of millions of women who seek to thrive, master the art of rising up, and excel with new skills to conquer new challenges and accomplish amazing breakthroughs. It’s taken from years of research, experience, and lessons learned from leaders like Michelle Obama and high-profile influencers. Raye is a Harvard Law School-trained attorney, speaker, negotiator, and power and influence expert. She takes over 30 years of legal and business experience in branding, marketing, and intellectual property litigation as a trial attorney, and compacts secrets she’s learned all into this power and influence training series. Raye shows ways of how to make the reader the ultimate influencer, brander, and persuader with quick and easy strategies, tips, and insider secrets.

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Our African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum

Edward Bruce Bynum reveals how spirituality and the collective unconscious of all of humanity originated in Africa. He draws on archaeology, DNA research, history, depth psychology, and roots of science and religion. He demonstrates how all modern human beings, regardless of ethnic or racial categorizations, share a common deep identity connected to a primordial African unconscious. Edward explores the beginning of early religions and mysticisms in Africa, the role of Egyptian Nubians in the rise of civilization and the emergence of Kemetic Egypt and the Ancient Soul, Oldawan, and its correlation to the collective unconscious. He examines its reflection in present-day Americas, the work of the founding fathers, and in modern Black spirituality.

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Tears of Change by Debbie Monteggia

Debbie Monteggia writes a collection of poems and quotes to take you on a journey through everyday emotions. They are unique and one of a kind. Some will touch your heart and bring you peace and appreciation, some may change the way to look at and view things. There are ones to take you through joy, loss, renewal, pain, sorrow, and acceptance. Debbie hopes that one or many of these will get you to express all of your own emotions to reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within yourself.

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Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait by Yvonne Wakefield

Return to the woods with Yvonne Wakefield in her sequel to Babe in the Woods. At the age of 18, the author built a home from the trees on 80 acres on an Oregon mountainside. She built it in 1975. Her book chronicles a four decades long relationship with the log cabin and people she met in the valley. It continues Yvonne’s story of learning to live in the wilderness within and outside of herself. It’s a story of rogue bears, artist development, building a bear-proof log studio, and the trials and triumph of finding oneself alone in the woods.

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We think you’ll enjoy this list of life changing books. Let us know what you think. Don’t forget to come check out The BookFest Fall 2021 on October 23rd and 24th. If you sign-up here for our mailing list, you can get a free virtual gift bag at the end of The BookFest. Enjoy your bookish adventure.

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