Most Successful International Brands

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Most Successful International Brands

The world is becoming a global economy in which nothing can be done without the power of business. The international brands currently achieving the most significant success are in China and the United States. It is not because America or China are great countries, but rather because they have a substantial number of educated people who have the necessary skills to establish these successful brands domestically and internationally. It’s an era where business owners must depend on robust technical resources, such as the internet, to place their products for better sales. And so only those who have come out on top can operate more successfully than anyone else. According to Jordan Sudberg, every country has unique characteristics and geographical features, which impose limited and unalterable conditions on a business.

5 Most Successful International Brands 

1. Apple

Apple is a brand that sells its technology items, such as iPhones and iPad, in the United States. When you notice their popularity worldwide, Apple has a loyal following of fans willing to spend lots of money on their products. Historically, Apple has been more successful than many other brands because they were one of the first to create an advanced computer and smartphone. People have become addicted to Apple products since they were launched in the early 1980s. Apple has also brought us many innovations and products, which means they are very successful in creating new items and improving quality.

2. Disney

The Disney company is also one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. It has successfully created movies and television series that teenagers and adults admire. This brand has become famous worldwide through various television shows, such as Frozen and Cinderella, among its most famous ones. The most crucial factor behind Disney’s success is that it always attracts the audience’s attention with creative techniques such as different characters’ personalities and several storylines that make people never get bored quickly.

3. Honda

Honda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer and one of the largest companies in the world. It has become successful because of its best-selling products, such as motorcycles, automobile parts, and other electrical items. Honda has been committed to producing high-quality motorbikes for decades, leading to a solid customer base.

4. L’Oreal

According to Jordan Sudberg, L’Oreal is the world’s first brand to use a hair care product, which means it has become a big success worldwide due to its reputation for high-quality products. L’Oreal’s products are strongly associated with healthy hair, making people eager to use them. The brand also successfully creates new and innovative products, ensuring its popularity amongst customers.

5. Nike

Nike is one of the biggest companies in the world that sells sports apparel, such as shoes and clothing. This brand is trendy in countries like China and Japan because of its multiple sports events that people have enjoyed. Nike is also a brand that employs new methods, such as 3D printing, to produce shoes of different sizes, which leads to higher quality and more comfort for customers.

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