Steps To Follow When Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Deciding to spend and live forever with another person is a lifetime verdict one can ever make. Also, locating the best engagement ring that conveys your deep affections is another issue to consider. The decision on which ring and style to buy for your partner can be very hard to make. Here are the essential steps to follow when purchasing an engagement ring online.

1. Estimate your budget

There are countless online engagement ring stores selling rings at different prices depending on the factors such as gemstone metal, size, and type. Preparing your budget helps you narrow down the search to the ring with the estimated expense. Consider if you opt to pay for the engagement ring via credit card, installments, or full payment.

2. Get the best stone and setting

When buying the engagement ring, you need to consider the central stone and the metal framework (setting). Diamonds are known for their beautiful and precious center stone; however, their prices are high. If you are interested in a bigger stone with a lower budget, you may probably consider gemstones such as white sapphire and Moissanite, which have the same glow as diamond gemstones. These gemstones are also found in the jewelers in Dayton Ohio. Some rings are sold with the center stone while modern jewelers preset their rings; therefore, while buying, consider if the ring is preset or not.

3. Understand the 4Cs in the diamond

The 4Cs determine the quality of diamond rings: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Well cut diamond captures light more because of its facets’ precisely shaped position, allowing reflection of light. Modern engagement rings are colorless and clear. Its flawless range determines the clarity of the diamond. Abiding on the four Cs rules enables you to get a good quality diamond engagement ring.

4. Decide on the ring size

When shopping for the ring, the perfect ring size can be so hard to determine, especially if the proposal is to be a surprise. Determining the perfect ring size can be done in various ways. To start with, you may ask a close friend to dig on the ring size without raising any suspicion on your partner. Secondly, size a ring that they wear by tracing its outline on paper and determining the size using the retailer’s ring charts. Besides, you may ask your partner about their ring size if you have decided to be engaged.

5. Purchase should be made in advance

Most of the engagement rings are assembled depending on the buyer’s preference after the order is done. The order should be done earlier, about six weeks before the actual proposing day, to get the ring at the exact date required.

6. Customize the ring

In case your desired engagement ring is not found, customizing the ring can be an option. Making a customized ring is easier and more affordable. The ring is distinct and appears unique for your one and only. Customization is done by selecting from the countless settings displayed in several sizes, shapes, and quality. The online retailers refine the results until you are satisfied. The addition of different sentiments on the ring during customization triggers beautiful love memories in her.

7. Purchase a ring with a warranty and insurance

Jewelry insurance covers you from theft; if the ring is stolen, the policy can replace it. The policy can also retrieve the ring if it is lost or damaged. On the other hand, the jewelry warranty only covers wear and tear on the diamond ring piece, which might occur after the purchase. It is important to buy a ring with a warranty and insurance in case the unexpected happens.

8. Decide on the engagement ring style

You can determine the ring style by looking at the jewelry that your partner already has and the dressing code he/she wears. Diamond solitaire style is the most unique and stylish that most people go for. Other style options include classic engagement rings, Boho engagement rings, and vintage engagement rings. When shopping for the engagement ring, go for those styles that are timeless.

9. Consider diamond rings with a certificate

Ensure that the diamond engagement ring has a reliable certificate and has been passed through the laboratory and certified. The certificate is essential because it gives you the quality and characteristics of the diamond that you are buying. Consider diamond engagement rings, which are certified because some are not reliable.

10. Understand the return policy

The return policy of each site selling engagement rings is different, and therefore ensure you read the return policy of the site you are buying the ring from. Some of the questions and answers to pay attention to when reading include:

  • Do they cover the return shipping expense?
  • Do they refund the whole amount after the return?
  • Is the return done free of charge?

The answers provided to these questions can tell if the site is legit or not.

11. Consider how the shipping is done

Reliable sites offer shipping packages to your doorstep as well as gift wrapping to secure your product. The site should set aside measures that ensure the safety of your product. The shipping charges depend on various parameters such as the distance, determined by a company. Check the best shipping deals available to your destination.

Summing it up

The online stores offer more designs to choose from when purchasing engagement rings. However, caution should be taken because unscrupulous merchants may take advantage of the unsuspecting prospects. It is noteworthy that online marketing is not controlled and cannot be trusted. Besides, you may not have a clear picture of how the ring would look on her finger until it gets to her.
Jewelers in Dayton Ohio can be the best when choosing the engagement ring for your partner. The designers create incredible and stunning rings that suit the customer’s preference. The associates are always ready to bring out the best of their skills in making and customizing the engagement rings. Enhance the romance with your partner with an impeccable engagement ring.

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