Summer Makeup for Your Best Looks

We all love summer! But when the mercury is rising, it can play havoc with your makeup. Melting foundation and smearing eyeliner can leave you looking like a “Rocky Horror Show” tribute act. 

In summer less is usually more, when it comes to summer makeup. So how do you stay looking good even when you are sweating? 

Always use a good oil free moisturizer

The summer sun dries out skin so making sure that it is hydrated and nourished helps its appearance and protects against wrinkles and lines. Oil free is always best because it is less likely to become greasy over the day. Always check that the moisturizer you buy is oil free and natural. Brands including Neutrogena, Roc, or Mary Kay would be a good choice.

Apply your moisturizer in the morning and you are good for the day. 

Don’t forget the sunscreen 

UV rays are very damaging to skin so a good quality sunscreen is a must-have item. You should aim at reapplying sunscreen every two hours if you are outside in the sun or you may become sunburned.

Always go for a minimum sun protection factor of SP 30. We like Goddess Garden SPF 30 Daily Mineral Sunscreen, because it is crammed with natural ingredients that nourish your skin as well as providing protection. And with ingredients including coconut oil, raspberry leaf, zinc and titanium, it helps protect your skin now and for the future. Goddess Garden produces certified organic sun protection against UV and UB rays and is a name you can trust. 

Wear less makeup 

Summer is all about achieving a natural glowing look. So you may find that ditching the foundation is the best way to look good in hot weather. A tinted moisturizer can be a great solution and if you have any blemishes a concealer will help too. Go for waterproof concealers, as these are less likely to move around on your skin in hot weather.

Avoid cream foundations 

These can be fantastic in colder weather but should definitely be avoided throughout the summer months as they will make your complexion look shiny and sweaty. 

Lighten your shades

Dark eyeshadow colors and dark tints of lipstick and lip liners do not work in summer as they look too heavy. Instead choose lighter shades or even nude shades of lipstick that highlight your natural tones but keep your lips looking good. 

You may even want to experiment with bold shades of eyeshadow to match your clothing, but remember less is always more when it comes to summer makeup. 

Always go for waterproof makeup

Mascara and lipsticks can run in hot weather. So make sure you are protected by choosing water proof products that stay in place without bleeding or running. 

Try a setting spray on your makeup 

To maintain your make up when the weather is hot, a setting spray will help. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray can be used at any time and will keep your makeup smear free and in place for up to 12 hours. Although it is aimed at nighttime use, this makeup spray is perfectly suited to anytime you need to wear makeup in a hot environment.

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