Tips on Choosing the Right Corporate Event Planner

Trying to find corporate event planners NYC businesses rely on for amazing events?

It’s not easy trying to sort through the options available. One way to make sure you find the right planner is to follow these four tips, which will help you identify the ideal corporate event planners in NYC that companies count on.

Tip #1: Know What You Want

Before beginning a search for corporate event planners in NYC, businesses need to have a clear idea of what they need. Each successful event has a clear purpose, for example, to launch a product, connect customers with the business, celebrate a corporate milestone or anniversary, or build brand awareness.

With the goal clearly defined, it’s important to plan what tasks you want the planner to take on and how they will interact with your staff. Event planners can take on major aspects of the event, including finding the right venue, securing speakers and entertainment, developing food and beverage menus, and designing invitations. It’s important to understand what your expectations are about timing, budget, deliverables, and outcomes before seeking an event planner.  

Tip #2: Understand How They Operate

Working with a corporate event planner means having a strategic partner in making your event a success. But that partnership will be better for everyone if you understand how the event planner you hire works.

Different planners have different ways of working. Make sure your potential partners are clear about how they operate to ensure there’s a good fit.

Among the questions to ask are about day-to-day and day-of operations. Will you have one primary contact at the company or will there be a team of planners working on your account? Be sure how communication will occur – weekly check-ins, email progress reports, or frequent phone or Zoom communication.

When the day or night of the event comes around, who will be staffing the event? Are they full-time staffers or employees brought on just for the event?

Be sure to know what vendors they work with and whether the event planners have access to special discounts. You may want to check those vendors as well as the planners to determine their quality and reputation.

Note that some event planners have exclusive arrangements with vendors and may refuse to work with vendors that are not on their preferred list for catering, lighting, sound, floral services, or photography.

Tip #3: Learn What Kind of Event Planner They Are

Some corporate event planners specialize in certain kinds of events, whether it be the industry, audience size, or event type. Be sure you know what kinds of events they’ve done in the past. Also, be OK with asking for references; you’re investing a lot in your events and you want to be sure you’re working with a company that can deliver.

Tip #4: Ask About Their Approach to Event Planning

How does your event planner approach their work? Understanding how their philosophy aligns with yours is important. You deserve to feel like a VIP every time you interact.

Be sure you understand how billing works, what documentation is provided, and what role you will play in important decisions. Especially today, as the return to in-person events carries a degree of uncertainty, you want a corporate event planner that is flexible, nimble, and can adapt.

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