Why Are Kylie Jenner’s Lips So Popular?

Kylie’s perfect pout is iconic. Since receiving lip injections at age 16, Kylie’s lips have helped her launch best-selling lip kits and scale her cosmetics line into a billion-dollar industry.

Kylie has been a key player in the luscious lip movement. Cosmetic enhancements like lip injections and lip fillers are now more popular than ever before, increasing 50% since 2000.

Full, sexy lips are trending. Some men and women prefer fuller lips than the ones they were born with, and others want to regain the plumpness their lips have lost over time.

With proven procedures like lip fillers and lip augmentation, it’s easier than ever to achieve a coveted pout.

The Allure of Lip Injections

Lip injections can produce those full yet real-looking lips with collagen or hyaluronic acid. Both substances are naturally found in the body, and are responsible for volumizing your skin and lips.

Lip fillers are being administered every 20 minutes in the US. There’s more than one reason why this miracle procedure is so popular.

Lip injections provide benefits like:

·       Your ideal shape: You can change the shape and structure of your lips with lip fillers.

·       More volume: Lip injections pump up the volume to give you that sexy pout that looks lovely with or without lipstick.

·       Customizability: You can fully customize the final result. Your doctor can control the hyaluronic acid fillers, delivering more or less to ensure your preferred shape and size.

·       Banish lumps and bumps: No one’s lips are perfect, and lip fillers can make those bumps and lumps disappear.

·       Safer than surgery: Lip fillers are a quick and easy procedure, with virtually no recovery compared to lip augmentation or other cosmetic procedures!

Building the Beauty Kingdom

Kylie once confessed that her natural lips had been a great insecurity, and she turned to temporary lip fillers. When she launched her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, she included lip products designed to help customers make their customers look bigger through filling and over-lining. 

Kylie’s surgeon, Simon Ourian, M.D., praised Kylie’s attitude towards changing the beauty scene. He explains:

 “A lot of women believe that you are either born beautiful or you have to accept what you have … The Kardashians and Jenners were amongst the first ones to demystify this and openly share their heavily guarded secrets with people.”

With social media, we have become privy to the beauty secrets of the rich and famous, and the great news is that some procedures are simple and affordable, like lip fillers.

Confidence is often life-changing, and it certainly was for beauty queen Kylie Jenner.

Your Lips Can Look Like Kylie’s!

Whether you want lips just like Jenner’s or you’re interested in a different style, lip fillers are the best place to start.

Kylie also recommends overlining just slightly with lip liner, and then applying a matching matte lipstick. Kylie actually colors every part of her lips with a lip liner rather than a lipstick, to guarantee there’s no distinction between the overlining and the lip.

Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Antonio or Miami, you need a professional you can trust. More and more doctors are recognizing the full-lip phenomenon, and you deserve only most experienced doctors and the best results.

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