Why Everyone Should Practice Being Polite

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Why Everyone Should Practice Being Polite

Being polite is one of the most basic social skills. This will show others that they are valued and that they are treated with a certain level of respect. There are times when it seems that people have forgotten the basic rules of being polite and how to treat others. Alexander Djerassi has taken notice of this. Djerassi feels that people should take a look at how they are and think of the reasons why everyone should be polite.

Develop Relationships

Polite people have an easier time connecting with others. They are able to build relationships. This is done on a personal and a professional level. Politeness will help decrease the distance between people. It will also open up communication lines. If people are polite they do not have to worry about any negative feedback they would get from expressing their views or ideas.

First Impressions

People that are polite make a better first impression. A first impression can be everything. If things get off to a bad start it will be difficult to change. A person that is polite is more likely to make a good first impression than a person that is rude or seems uninterested. Studies have been done showing that businesses with polite customer service representatives made shopping more enjoyable for the customers and the customer spent more money.

New Approach at Life

People that are polite are able to get along with others that are different. They take the time to learn about others and a new point of view. Politeness is cross cultural. There are things in every language or culture that are a sign of politeness. If a person is nice to others they are more willing to get along with them. A person does not need to accept everyone they meet or even like everyone they meet for that matter. They do have to be polite to them. This will help reduce tension and will allow everyone to feel comfortable.


People that are polite are often viewed as being in a good mood. People want to be around others that are positive and will make them feel good. In modern society, people that are polite are seen as more friendly and seem like they are more fun to be around. No one wants to be around someone that is a downer so it is worth taking the time to show manners.

Keep the Peace

Alexander Djerassi knows that being polite can help keep the peace in society. People will be able to treat others with some basic respect. This does not mean they will need to go along with them. A little respect does go a long way so a person should be polite to others.

These are some reasons why everyone needs to be polite. Being nice to others and showing manners is a skill that many people are forgetting. Being polite goes a long way so people should take the time and remember the nice and proper way to interact with others.

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