Why Relocation is Becoming Popular: Global Choices

The world is changing, of that there’s little doubt, and with so many people working remotely, where you live is no longer important, at least not as far as your work goes. Having the freedom to live anywhere in the world that has a stable Internet connection is certainly a game-changer and this has led to a huge number of professionals relocating to a tropical paradise like Thailand.


Let’s face it, if you don’t have to endure sub-zero temperatures, why would you? Invest in one of the stunning Samui luxury villas for sale by a leading Thai developer and experience tropical temperatures year-round. Thailand is the number one destination for digital nomads, and for good reason; great weather, hi-speed Internet, low cost of living, paradise setting, the pluses are many.

Improve the Quality of your Life

There are many who, quite frankly, could have a much better standard of living if they consider relocating to another part of the world; it is usually family ties that prevent young families from taking the plunge and emigrating to a new life in the sun. South East Asia and South America are the two regions that are popular destinations, mainly due to climate and low cost of living, which can be very low when compared to Europe and the USA. Click here for tips on improving your health and career at the same time.

Choosing the Right Location

We all have our own unique likes and dislikes and using the Internet, you can delve deeper into a particular country. Here are some of the popular destinations in 2021:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize

One of the major issues is Internet connectivity, which is an absolute must if you work online, while you should also look into visa requirements (some countries are easier than others); most people start with a long holiday and if that works out, prepare for the relocation. You could rent a container and have all your furniture shipped, or travel light and acquire home furnishings locally, there are pluses and minuses for both.

Change of Lifestyle

Coming from a cold urban environment where everything is expensive to a tropical paradise is more than a little appealing and this leads to a healthier you. Once the pandemic is over, you can create your own shortlist of countries to investigate and hopefully, this will lead to a change in lifestyle that is a big improvement on the one you are currently enjoying.

Saving Money

If you are finding it hard to put something aside for a rainy day, you certainly aren’t alone and by living in a developing country, your income will go so much further and you will be able to save money. One can live on $1000 a month in Thailand and double that would be considered a good wage; do some online research and compare costs with your home country and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, prior to booking any flights or making any commitments, do check with the World Health Organisation about Covid-19 restrictions in your destination country, as things can change very quickly with a virus pandemic.

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