Motivating Your Best Employees

Motivating Your Best Employees

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a frequent public speaker on healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship topics who actively shares his insights and experience with fellow entrepreneurs, students, investors, and media members.

Despite his success in the industry, Sudberg holds himself to high standards for ethical behavior in business practices.

According to Dr. Sudberg, managers should Motivate their Best Employees in the following ways:

1. Help them to be their best every day.

2. Never look down on an employee for mistakes or bad at something.

3. Reward them for their work and promote them regularly, even if they have not been upgraded yet; The lucky managers should encourage personal growth in employees and self-improvement to increase overall sales and other performance metrics.

4. At the end of the day, managers should try to make their employees happy to get better results. The best mechanism to use to manage employees is by building a good relationship with them. The best employees are those who feel cherished and valued. The key is to do this without spending too much time or money. A great manager will find ways of making everyone feel special, even if it only means saying “good job” once in a while or taking an employee out for lunch every few months. The most productive managers are the ones who treat everyone like family. The best way to do this is by always being available for their employees’ questions and concerns, regardless of how busy they may be.

5. Empower their employees to make decisions.

The best managers empower their employees to make decisions so that people know that they have a voice and feel as though they have a say in the workplace. If managers want them to take on more responsibility for the organization at large, they need to let them take on more responsibility in their business. One way to do this is by allowing their employees to frequently voice their opinions about their business operations and decisions. This doesn’t mean that they should always take their advice, but it does mean that it’s the right thing to do.

6. Give them responsibility and open doors for them to grow.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg emphasizes that many high-functioning managers in the business world treat their employees coldly and distantly—they run into them at the office, have no idea who they are, don’t know their names, and frequently don’t even get a chance to introduce themselves. The best managers realize that their employees have lives outside of the office and will make themselves available to them. The best managers are the ones who allow their employees to grow and advance within the organization as well as outside of it.

7. Always be fair.

True to the best managers’ nature, the best managers always treat their employees the same way any other person in their position. The best managers always make sure to be fair with others, even if somebody messes up.

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