Should You Get Invisalign As An Adult?

For decades, people have been forced to opt for braces to straighten their teeth. Despite the positive long-term benefits of using braces, braces came with embarrassing drawbacks. A person was forced to wear these glaringly obvious, wiry things that made you so embarrassed to open your mouth and smile. Invisalign seeks to bring all the advantages of traditional braces and eliminate all its drawbacks. Invisalign straightens your teeth using clear aligners, hence the name. They are extremely popular and may someday become the default treatment option for people looking to straighten their teeth. The question which many people ask is if it’s okay to get Invisalign as an adult. Let’s discuss that here. 

Firstly, what is Invisalign exactly? It’s the most popular brand of clear aligners on the market. Each clear aligner is made with a flexible thermoplastic material. As the name suggests, the clear aligners are designed to make orthodontic treatment almost invisible, at least to the casual observer. Unlike traditional braces, their tight fit and clear design makes them much more discreet than traditional braces. Traditional braces may be fine for children, but for adults whose image can have a material impact on their earning power, and romantic life, Invisalign is ideal. 

Invisalign is perfect for a number of dental problems such as treating crowded teeth, open bites, gaps between teeth, and certain bite issues. 

In today’s world, especially one where remote work and hybrid work models have made video conferencing a big part of our work lives, image is hugely important. Your smile plays a bigger role today than it did in the past. Indeed, cosmetic dentists across the country report levels of demand for their services higher than before the pandemic

Consequently, the aesthetic advantages of Invisalign are a huge plus for the brand. As an adult, you don’t want something like braces making your smile stand out for all the wrong reasons. You want a discreet solution. Often, people don’t notice you are wearing Invisalign until you tell them. 

Invisalign is easy to remove in comparison with traditional braces. It makes it easier to clean your teeth and maintain your overall oral health during the treatment. That ease of use can be decisive in ensuring that your oral health routine does not decline while you are wearing Invisalign. Traditional braces can subtly influence your willingness to brush and floss your teeth. Given that you have to remove Invisalign when you eat or drink, you really don’t want a product that is complicated to remove. 

Using Invisalign clear braces present fewer problems than traditional braces. I bet you know someone whose braces broke off, or perhaps even fell off. With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about these problems. Invisalign is convenient, a tight fit, and so clear a casual observer won’t notice them. They are an ideal solution for an adult for whom image matters and who doesn’t need the stress of dealing with product malfunctions. However, you should be aware that Invisalign is not designed to deal with complex problems. Also, if you have bridgework, you can’t use Invisalign. Otherwise, Invisalign is the perfect solution for adults.

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